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Archdiocese of Byblos and Botris (Mount Lebanon)

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Traditionally, the Evangelist Mark is considered to have been the first Bishop of Byblos and St. Silas (Silouan) the first Bishop of Botris, both assigned to their sees [[see]]s by the [[Apostle Peter]]. During the early centuries the two dioceses were under the [[jurisdiction ]] of the [[archdiocese]] of Tyre. This situation was challenged by the [[bishop]] of Beirut, who claimed jurisdiction. The issue was reconciled at the [[Fourth Ecumenical Council]], in 451, which gave jurisdiction over the two dioceses to the archdiocese of Tyre.
During the following centuries the Orthodox population in the area of the present archdiocese increased periodically as the result of turmoil caused by wars in the Eastern Roman empire, the Crusades, and invasions by Mamluks. These demographic changes contributed eventually to the Mount Lebanon area coming under the jurisdiction of the [[Archdiocese of Beirut|Archdiocese of Beirut and All Lebanon]].

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