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Raphael Morgan

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The main work of his visit, however, was a lecture circuit that he ran throughout Jamaica. Citing a lack of Orthodox churches, Fr. Raphael would speak at churches of various denomination. The topics would usually cover his travels, the Holy Land, and Holy Orthodoxy. At some point, he even made it to his hometown of Chapelton, to whom he remarked of his name change, "I will always be Robert to you".<ref>''The Daily Gleaner.'' ''[ Gives Lecture. Fr. Raphael Talks of His Travels Abroad.]'' August 15, 1913.</ref>
According to the ''Daily Gleaner'' edition of [[November 2]], 1914, Fr. Raphael had just set sail back for America, leaving behind the understanding that he would return shortly to his native land and start mission work under his Faith.<ref>''The Daily Gleaner.'' November 2, 1914. p.13.</ref>
===Last Known Records===

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