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Raphael Morgan

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[[Image:Raphael_Morgan.jpg|right|frame|An undated photograph.]]
Very Rev. '''Raphael Morgan''' (born '''Robert Josias Morgan''') (, 186?/187? - ??) was a Jamaican-American [[priest]] of the [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]], later the founder and superior of the ''Order of the Cross of Golgotha'', and thought to be the first black Orthodox clergyman in America.
He spoke broken Greek, and therefore served mostly in English. Having recently been discovered, his life has garnered great interest, but much of his life still remains shrouded in mystery. Fr Raphael is said to have resided all over the world, including in Palestine, Syria, Joppa, Greece, Cyprus, Miylene, Chios, Sicily, Egypt, Russia, Turkey, Austria, Germany, England, France, Scandinavia, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Switzerland, Bermuda, and the United States.

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