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Olga Michael

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== Life ==
Matushka Olga, a Native Alaskan of Yup'ik origin, was born on [[February 3]], 1916. Her husband, Nikolai Michael, was the village postmaster and manager of the general store, who later was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[priest]] and subsequently was elevated to [[Archpriest]]. She serving served her community not only as a priest's wife, but also as a midwife. Matushka Olga gave birth to thirteen children herself of which eight survived and were raised by her. Many of the children to whom she gave birth were without the aid of a midwife of her own.
Matushka Olga was known for her empathy and caring for those who had suffered abuse of all kinds, especially sexual abuse. While her family was poor, she gave generously to those who were poorer, often giving away her children's clothes to the needy. She was also known for her ability to tell when a woman was pregnant, even before the woman herself had missed her period.

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