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Jeremias II (Tranos) of Constantinople

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In the year 1536 Jeremias was born into the influential Greek Tranos family in the town of Anchialos, Pontus, today known as Pomorie, on the southern Bulgarian Black Sea Coast. He was the pupil of three scholars of the day: Hierotheos of Monemvasia, Arsenios of Tirnovo and [[Damascenos Damaskinos the StuditeStoudite]], who themselves had been student of Theophanes Eleavoulkos. He was also for a while the student of the scholar Matthew the Cretan.
At the time he was first elected to the Patriarchal throne on [[May 5]], 1572, at the age 36, Jeremias had been [[Metropolitan]] of Larisa. When he was installed to that [[see]] of Larisa is unknown. After becoming patriarch, Jeremias set upon reorganizing the [[Church of Constantinople]] and embarked on a policy of reemphasizing the canons and existing ecclesiastical laws. He also strove to improve the financial situation of the Patriarchate. Jeremias maintained contacts with the noted Orthodox personalities of his day. He also was successful in obtaining certain privileges from the Sultan for the Greek minorities within the Ottoman Empire, particularly in establishment of schools. Through his influence seven schools were opened during the sixteenth century. In the following centuries another 40 schools were opened across Greece and Asia Minor.

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