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The oldest form of the lectionary had the Scripture text with the beginning and ending of each pericope noted in the margin. This is still essentially the format of the Slavic [[Gospel Book|Gospel]] and [[Apostolos|Apostol]]. Contemporary Byzantine lectionaries reflect a further development, in which each pericope is printed in the order in which it is read in the church year. Its beginning is included in the text, and the ending is a clear break.
==Lectionary Textstexts==
In the Orthodox Church, the lectionary is traditionally found in three books: the [[Gospel Book|Gospel]], the [[Apostolos|Epistle]], and the [[Prophetologion]]. Of these three texts, only the [[Prophetologion]] has not been published in a single text in English. [[Old Testament]] readings are typically taken from the [[Menaion]] or other texts that contain these readings. There have also been texts containing the [[Lent]]en lectionary which have been published in English. One classic text that contains the most commonly used portions of the entire lectionary is [ "Divine Prayers and Services of the Catholic Orthodox Church of Christ", by Fr. Seraphim Nassar]—commonly known as "The Nassar Five-Pounder."
In Russia, the use of the Lukan Jump vanished; however in recent decades, the Russian Church has begun the process of returning to the use of the Lukan Jump.
==Old Testament Readingsreadings==
There are also readings from the [[Old Testament]], called "parables" (''Paroemia''), which are read at [[Vespers]] on feast days. These parables are found in the [[Menaion]], [[Triodion]] or [[Pentecostarion]]. During Great Lent, parables are read every day at Vespers and at the [[Sixth Hour]]. These parables are found in the Triodion.
== External links==
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