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Maximus V of Constantinople

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[[Image:Maximos_V.jpg|thumb|Ecumenical Patriarch Maximus V]]
His All-Holiness '''Maximus V''' (1897-1972), was the 267th 266th [[Church of Constantinople|Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople]] from 1946 to 1948.
He was born in Sinope of Pontus, where he began his primary education. He continued his studies at the [[Halki|Theological School of Halki]] under the protection of [[Metropolitan]] [[Germanos Karavaggelis]] of [[Amaseia]]. He was [[ordination|ordained]] into the [[diaconate]] in 1918 and appointed a teacher in the [[City School of Theira]]. He served as the [[Archdeacon]] of Metropolitans [[Gregorios of Chalcedon]] and [[Joachim of Ephesus]], before becoming a deacon in the [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]] in 1920. He then served in various positions on the Board of the Halki School, including secretary, codewriter, subsecretary, and archsecretary before being ordained a [[presbyter]] and [[archimandrite]] on [[January 1]], 1928. He later became [[Metropolitan of Philadelphia]] in February 1930 before ascending to the Patriarchal throne in 1946.

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