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Macarius (Glukharyov)

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:"Their architecture...[should] be simple so that the parishoners themselves could build them: the belfry should have a large bell, a fancy cupola; also, a multitude of high windows and large decorated doors. All this should be done in accord with the humble station of the people; however, it should be a correct building....The holy vessels in their churches should all be tin, but correct and of pleasant design; the clergy's vestments proper for the church and for the village--clean, but not rich; the iconostasis not large, consisting of a few, but proper, even fine, holy icons...the Gospel on the altar should be covered in a modest silk cloth with icons of the evangelists and of the Resurrection of Christ."<ref> AMG:FAM p. 53. </ref>
On Archbishop Iov:
:"Everything he touched in his position as Archbishop he set to burning, and it continued to burn until everything willful and dishonest was burned away. Some people respect pride in others so that it will be respected in them; sometimes superiors do not call it into question in subordinates because they fear being made easy themselves. This pride in clergymen was for Archbishop Iov the primary enemy to be overcome; he struggled against it with all the power of his spirit."<ref> AMG:FAM p. 82. </ref>

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