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'''''Presbyter''''' is, in the [[Bible]], a synonym for ''[[bishop]]'' (''episkopos''), referring to a leader in local Church congregations. In modern usage, it is distinct from ''bishop'' and synonymous with '''''priest'''''. Its literal meaning in Greek (''presbyteros'') is "elder."
==Holy orders==
Through the sacrament of [[ordination|holy orders]], an ordination to priesthood is performed by the bishop. But this requires the consent of the whole people of God, so at a point in the service, the [[congregation ]] acclaim the ordination by shouting [[Axios]]! (''He is worthy!'')
Orthodox priests are divided into two distinct groups, [[Marriage|married]] [[clergy]], and [[monastic]] clergy. In the Orthodox Church a married man may be ordained to the priesthood. His marriage, however, must be the first for both him and his wife. He may not remarry and continue in his ministry even if his wife should die.

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