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Daumantas of Pskov

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The holy and right-believing '''Dovmont''' (Timothy in Holy [[Baptism]]) is a [[saint]] Image:Daumantas of Pskov.jpg|right|thumb|150px|St. Daumantas of the [[Russian Orthodox ChurchPskov]]. The holy and right-believing '''Daumantas of Pskov''' (or '''Timothy'''<ref>"Orthodox Lithuania". Orthodox England. Retrieved on 2007-12-17. "St Dovmont or Timothy"</ref>, later ''Dovmont'', (Russian: Довмонт, Belarusian: Daǔmont), Christian name Timothy (Russian: Тимофей), (c. 1240? – [[May 17]], 1299), was a Lithuanian princeling best remembered as a military leader of the Pskov Republic between 1266 and 1299. During his term in office, Pskov became de facto independent from Novgorod. He is a [[saint]] of the [[Russian Orthodox Church]] and is commemorated by the church [[may 20]].
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