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*27-30 ''c, Three year ministry of [[Christ]]'' <ref>The three year ministry of Christ includes the appointment of the Twelve Apostles, Sermon on the Mount, miracles, transfiguration, etc</ref>
*28 ''c,'' [[John the Baptist]] is executed by Herod Antipas <ref>The execution of Saint John the Baptist has been recorded in ''"Antiquitates Judaicae"'' in Latin published by the Jewish historian Flavius Josephhus about 93 or 94 AD, 18.5.2</ref>
*30 ''c, Other events:'' First death of [[Lazarus]]; [[Dismas the thief]] curcified crucified on Golgotha Hill outside Jerusalem alongside [[Christ]], the first to enter heaven (Luke 23:43); ''Judas Iscariot hangs himself.''
*30 ''c,'''''Death and Resurrection of Lord Jesus [[Christ]] the [[Son of God]].''' <ref>30AD is thought to be the most accurate dating of the death, resurrection and Pentecost amongst academics and has been used for this article in lieu of 33AD.</ref>

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