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Apostle Apphia

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The holy, glorious, all-laudable '''Apostle Apphia''' is numbered among the [[Apostles#The_Seventy|Seventy Apostles]]. She is the wife of the [[Apostle Philemon]] and along with Sts. Philemon and [[Apostle Archippus|Archippus]] she ministered to the town of Colossae from it's its Christian center, her home. During a pagan feast the Church had gathered in her home for prayer. When the pagans learned of it they raided the home and took Sts. Archippus, Philemon , and Apphia to be killed. They were whipped, buried up to their wastes waists and then stoned. Sts. Philemon and Apphia gave up their souls to God. The Church remembers St. Apphia on [[February 19]].
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