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I guess this is where I'm suppose to reply? :) I was typing in 'Joseph the betrothed' next to the domain name to see if a page existed already, and when it didn't I created one. But I've since realized that I can type in 'Joseph the Betrothed' and everything works out the first time. Sorry for the trouble.
::Hi Jim, <br>Don't worry about it, everything is easily fixed. You have to jump in and break some things to get the hang of it -- that's the learning process. Don't feel like you're stepping on eggshells! Also, about replies, you can respond either here or on the other User's talk page, each has it's advantage. If it's someone like me or Rdr Andrew, we check the changelogs pretty frequently so we'd be able to catch any comments you leave here. But if it's someone else, or there's a time delay, it might be better to respond to another user on their talk page since then they'll get that bright "new messages" signal when they login. - [[User:FrJohn|Fr. John]]
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