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List of parishes in Ontario (Canada)

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* [[Christ_the_Savior_Monastery_(Hamilton%2C_Ontario) | Christ the Savior Monastery]], Hamilton ([[ROCOR]], Western Rite)
* [ Holy Resurrection Romanian Orthodox Church] (Romanian Orthodox Church)
* [ Koimisis Tis Theotolou Theotokou Greek Orthodox Community], Hamilton (GOC)
* St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Community, Hamilton (GOC)
* St. Nikolas Cathedral, Hamilton (SOC)
* [ St. Nikola Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church], Hamilton (SOC)
* St. Vladimir Sobor, Hamilton (UOCC)
* [ Veil of Holy Mother Church], Hamilton ([[ROCOR]])
* [ Koimisis Tis Theotokou Greek Orthodox Community], Kingston (GOC)
* St. Gregory of Nyssa Mission, Kingston [ St.asp?SID=9&KEY=OCA-CA-KGSSGNGregory of Nyssa Mission] , Kingston ([[OCA]])
===Cambridge / Kitchener / Waterloo / Guelph===
* [ Christ the Saviour Antiochian Orthodox Mission], Waterloo (AOC)
* Holy Trinity Church, Kitchener (SOC)
* [ Sts Peter and Paul Romanian Orthodox Church] (Romanian Orthodox Church)
* St. Sophia Parish, Waterloo (UOCC)
* [ St. Patriarch Tikhon and New Martyrs of Russia] ([[ROCOR]])
* [ Evangelismos, Sts. Nectarios and Gerasimos Greek Orthodox Community, Oshawa ] (GOC)
* Nativity Of St. Mary Parish, Oshawa (UOCC)
* St. Arsenije Sremac Church, Whitby (SOC)
* [ Annunciation Cathedral], Ottawa ([[OCA]])
* Assumption (Dormition) Of The Blessed Virgin Sobor, Ottawa (UOCC)
* [ Koimisis Tis Theotokou Greek Orthodox Community, Ottawa ] (GOC)
* Protection of the Holy Virgin Memorial Church, Ottawa ([[ROCOR]])
* [ St. Elias Cathedral], Ottawa (AOC)
===Sarnia & Chatham===
* Holy Trinity Parish, Sarnia (UOCC)
* [ St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Community, Sarnia ] (GOC)
* St. John Parish, Chatham (UOCC)
* St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Community, Chatham (GOC)
* St. George Church, Niagara Falls (SOC)
* [ St. George Parish], St Catherines (UOCC)
* St. [[John of Rila ]] Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Niagara Falls ([[ROCOR]]Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church)* St. [[John of Rila|John Rilski ]] Church, Niagara Falls [] ([[OCA]])
* St. Katherine Greek Orthodox Community, St. Catherines (GOC)
* Sts. Peter And Paul Parish, Niagara Falls (UOCC)
''See also: [[w:List of Orthodox churches in Toronto|List of Orthodox churches in Toronto]]'' * [ All Saints Greek Orthodox Community (GOC)]
* All Saints Romanian Orthodox Church, Toronto (Romanian Orthodox Church)
* [ ca Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church] (GOC)
* [ Christ the Savior Sobor], Toronto ([[OCA]])
* [ Holy Resurrection Church], Toronto ([[ROCOR]])
* Lifegiving Font Greek Orthodox Chapel (GOC)
* Metamorphosis Greek Orthodox Community (GOC)
* [ Sts. Anargyroi Hellenic Home Chapel (GOC)]
* St. Andrew Parish, Toronto (UOCC)
* St. Anne Parish, Scarborough (UOCC)
* St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church, Toronto (SOC)
* [ St. Archangel Gabriel Parish of the Serbian Orthodox Church], Richmond Hill (SOC)
* St. Astius Mission, Toronto [] ([[OCA]])
* [ Sts. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Community (GOC)]
* Sts. Cyril & Methody Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Cathedral, Toronto (Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church)
* [ Sts. Cyril and Methodios Hellenic Home Chapel (GOC)]
* [ St Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church] (GOC)
* St. Dumitru Romanian Orthodox Mission, Toronto (Romanian Orthodox Church)
* [ St. Luke Serbian Orthodox Church], Etobicoke (SOC)
* [ St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Community] (GOC)
* [ St. Nicholas of Myra Orthodox Mission] (OCA)
* St. Sava Church, Toronto (SOC)
* [ St. Seraphim Church], Toronto ([[OCA]])
* St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow Church, Toronto [] ([[OCA]])
* [[St. Volodymyr's Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral (Toronto, Ontario)|St. Volodymyr Cathedral]], Toronto (UOCC)
* [ The Three Hierarchs Greek Orthodox Church (GOC)]
===Thunder Bay===
* [ 156 Assumption (Dormition) Of St. Mary Parish, Thunder Bay (UOCC)]
* [ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, Thunder Bay (GOC)]
* St. George Church (Mission Parish) (SOC)
* [ St. Volodymyr Parish, Thunder Bay (UOCC)]
* St. Anthony the Great Hermitage, Westport [] ([[OCA]])
* Greek Orthodox Community of Cornwall (GOC)
* [ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Community, Peterborough (GOC)]* [ Holy Cross-St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Community, Barrie (GOC)]* [ Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Community, Belleville (GOC)]* Our Lady of Smolensk, Jackson Point ([[ROCOR]]) ''(Services summertime only; for information, contact Holy Trinity Church, Toronto)''
* Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Community, Brantford (GOC)
* St. Dimitar Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Brampton (Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church)

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