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:[[User:Young_Serb|Young Serb]], I suspect that the conclusion of the original article (which was ''very'' POV) may have taken from the facts that were in play. In response to [[User:ASDamick|Fr Andrew]]'s request, I have taken the liberty of bringing the two together.
:Please consider that, as a parish, the subject matter was dubiously noteworthy enough to place on OrthodoxWiki; as a parish that has now placed itself outside the Church, more so. This doesn't excuse incorrect information, of course; but if you consider that details are sparse, this may have been done for a reason - this is, conceptually, an encyclopaedia, and is therefore rather lacking in emotive speech and in minutiae. However, should you find the article to still be misleading, please correct it. &mdash; by [[User:Pistevo|<font color="green">Pιs</font><font color="gold">τévο</font>]] <sup>''[[User talk:Pistevo|<font color="blue">talk</font>]]'' ''[[User talk:Pistevo/dev/null|<font color="red">complaints</font>]]''</sup> at 13:37, April 24, 2009 (UTC)
== Azarias? ==
Χριστος ανεστη! This has nothing to do with Orthodox Wikipedia, but when I read the 3 youths passage on Holy Saturday, I noticed that Azarias is not one of the original three youths. there's Meeshak, Shadrack, and Abendago. Those three are describes throughout the whole reading, but then it says that Azarias said something. Who is Azarias? Thanks, --<font color="teal">[[User:Iliada|Iliada]]</font><font color="teal" size="100px"></font> 17:29, April 24, 2009 (UTC)

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