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Apostle Andronicus

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'''== Scriptural Reference(s)''': ==Romans. 16:7
==Life ==
St. Andronicus was a relative of [[Apostle Paul|St. Paul the Apostle]] and one of the [[Apostles|Seventy Apostles]]. He was appointed [[bishop]] of Pannonia, but instead of staying in one place he preached all over Pannonia with [[Apostle Junia|St. Junia]] as his helper. By faith they converted many pagans to Christ, destroyed many idolatrous temples, drove out demons, worked miracles and healed every type of disease and illness. Both were martyred; their relics were discovered in the region of Eugneius.
St. Andronicus is remembered by the Church on May 17
== Source ==
St. Nikolai Velimirovic', ''The Prologue of Ohrid"

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