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Basil (Shuang) of Beijing

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Greater honour was to come to Archimandrite Vasily when, in 1951, Patriarch [[Alexei I (Simansky) of Moscow|Alexei I]] offered Archim. Vasily the bishopric of Tianjin, but this was declined by Archim. Vasily, who gave the reasons of unworthiness and infirmity (being 69 years old). At this point, Archimandrite Vasily was the dean of the Holy Dormition [[Cathedral]], Beijing, and was temporary administrator of the [[Diocese]] of Beijing. In February of this year, Archim. Vasily was appointed a member of the Council of the Spiritual Mission.
As a result of political agreements, during 1956, between the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union, all foreign members of the church in China were required to leave the country. Implementing this political edict the [[Holy Synod]] of the Church of Russia, on [[November 23]], 1956, granted autonomy to the Church of China. With agreement of the government of the People’s Republic of China, Arch. Basil Vasily was consecrated Bishop of Beijing on [[May 30]], 1957 at the Transfiguration Cathedral in Moscow by Metropolitan Nicholas of Krutitsk and Kolomensk, Archbishop [[Victor (Svyatin) of Krasnodar and Kuban|Victor of Krasnodar and Kuban]] (who was the last head of the Russian Mission to China), and Archbishop Makary of Mozhiak.
Bp. Basil Vasily reposed on [[January 3]], 1962. He was not succeeded due to the anti-Orthodox Christian position of the Chinese government and the persecutions of the Cultural Revolution in 1960s.

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