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Joseph the Betrothed

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He was betrothed to the [[Theotokos|Virgin Mary]] at the time that Mary conceived Jesus. Luke says that he lived at Nazareth in Galilee (Luke 2:4); however, according to Matthew, it was only after the return from Egypt that he settled in [[Nazareth]] (Matthew 2:23). He is called a "just man". He was by trade a carpenter (Matthew 13:55). He is last mentioned in connection with the journey to Jerusalem, when Jesus was twelve years old. It is probable that Joseph died before Jesus entered on his public ministry because only Mary was present at the marriage feast in Cana of [[Galilee]], and he is not described at the [[crucifixion]] along with Mary ([[Gospel of John|John]] 19:25). In addition [[Joseph of Arimathea]] asked for the body of Jesus, a duty that would have fallen to Saint Joseph had he been alive.
[[Jesus|Jesus Christ]] is described as being the brother of [[James the Just|James]], [[Joses|Joses]], [[Apostle Jude Thomas|Jude]], and Simon, and several sisters ([[Gospel of Mark|Mark]] 6:3; Matthew 13:55). A tradition at least as early as the second century, still adopted by [[Eastern Orthodoxy]], explains that these "brothers and sisters" were from Joseph's marriage to an unnamed woman, before Joseph married Mary and so making them step-brothers and step-sisters.
That Jesus commended Mary to the care of [[Apostle John|John the Evangelist]] while he was hanging on the cross has been interpreted to also suggest that Joseph had died by that time, and that Joseph and Mary did not have any other children who might care for Mary.

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