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Benjamin (Fedchenkov) of Saratov

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In 1933, Bp. Benjamin was elevated to [[archbishop]] by Metr. Sergius of the Church of Russia. He was also, assigned to go to the United States to lecture. While in the United States he was appointed the interim [[exarch]] of the Moscow Patriarchate on [[November 22]], 1933, in North America, with the title of Archbishop of Aleutians and North America. This position he held until 1947. On [[July 14]], 1938 he was designated [[Metropolitan]] of the Aleutians and North America. Having arrived in the United States without any parishes to serve, he created 50 parishes during his tenure that he supervised with three vicars.
In January and February 1945, Metr. Benjamin visited the Soviet Union for the first time to participate in a Local Council of the Russian Church in Moscow. The purpose of his visit was to participate in the election of the new Patriarch following the repose of Patr. Sergius. The new patriarch elected was Metr. [[Alexei I (Simansky) of Moscow|Alexei]] of Leningrad and Novgorod, whose name Metr. Benjamin had placed in nomination.
In 1947, Metr. Benjamin returned permanently to the Soviet Union, to an assignment as ruling hierarch of the Diocese of Riga and Latvia with the title of the Metropolitan of Riga and Latvia.
In 1951, he was assigned as the ruling hierarch of the Diocese of Rostov as Metropolitan of Rostov and Novocherkassk until, on [[February 8]], 1954, his title was change to Metropolitan of Rostov and Kamensk.
On [[November 28]], 1955, Metr. Benjamin became the ruling hierarch of the Diocese of Saratov as Metropolitan of Saratov and Balashov. On [[December 26]], 1957, his title was changed to Metropolitan of Saratov and Volsk.

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