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List of Coptic Orthodox Churches in Australia

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==Diocese of Melbourne, West and South Australia, New Zealand and All Oceania==
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The Hierarch of this diocese is His Grace Suriel, Bishop of the Holy Diocese of [[Melbourne]], [[Victoria (Australia)|Victoria]],[[Tasmania]], [[Australian Capital Territory|ACT]], [[South Australia]], [[Western Australia]], [[New Zealand]] and All [[Oceania]].
The following is a list of the churches under the Diocese and the priests that serve in each church:<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Melbourne}}</ref>
    ===[[Victoria (Australia)|Victoria]]===
*'''Diocese of Melbourne Headquarters & St Athanasius Church; Donvale'''
**Fr Antonious Guirguis
*'''St. Mary & St. Mercurious Abu Sefein; Coolaroo'''
===[[Australian Capital Territory]]===
*[ St Mark, Kaleen]
**Fr Abraam El-Baramousy
===[[South Australia]]===
*[ St. Mary & St. Bishoy; Cowandilla]
**Fr Philobos Boghdady
===[[Western Australia]]===
*'''St. Mark & St. George; Wangara'''
**Fr Polycarpos El-Baramousy
*[ St. Mary & Archangel Michael, East Victoria Park]
**Fr Abraam Abdelmalik
*'''St. Demiana & St. Abraam; Newstead'''
**Fr Yowakim El-Baramousy
===[[New Zealand]]===
*[ St. Mark; Auckland]
**Fr Bishoy Mikhael
*'''St Mary & St Mina; Wellington'''
**Fr Hedra El-Baramousy
*'''St. Mark; Suva'''
**Fr Antony Lemuelu
*'''St. Mary; Tavenui'''
*'''St. Antony & St. Athanasius; Pacific Harbour'''
*'''St. Mark; Islamabad'''
**Fr Bishoy Safranaz
==Monastery of St Anthony, Heathcote, Victoria==
The Monastery is situated on {{convert|150|acre|km2}} of land. It is the first Coptic Monastery to be established in Australia. The monastery is currently under the direct jurisdiction of His Grace Bishop Suriel, Bishop of the Diocese of Melbourne & Affiliated regions. The Abbot of the monastery is the Bishop of the Diocese. There are a total of 4 monks who live and worship in the monastery:
*Fr Titus El-Baramousy
*Fr Matta El-Baramousy
==Diocese of Sydney, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and all East Asia ==
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Whose Hierarch is His Grace Daniel, Bishop of the Holy Diocese of [[Sydney]], [[New South Wales]], [[Queensland]], [[Northern Territory]], [[Thailand]], [[Singapore]], [[Hong Kong]], [[Japan]] and all [[East Asia]].The following is a list of the churches under the Diocese and the priests serving in each church:
===[[New South Wales]]===
*[ St. Mary & St. Mina Cathedral; Bexley]
**Fr Samuel Guirguis
*'''St. Maximos & St. Domadios; Goulburn'''
*'''St. John the Baptist & Elijah the Prophet; Dubbo'''
*'''St. Mary & St Joseph; Coopers Plains'''
**Fr Moussa El-Antouny
*'''St. Mary & St Antonious Monastery; Beaudesert'''
===[[Northern Territory]]===
*'''St. Mary, St Moses the Mighty & St Takla Haimanot; Darwin'''
===[[East Asia]]=======[[Japan]]====
*'''St. George; Kagoshima'''
**Fr Thomas Kanazaki
*'''St. Mark & St. George; Bangkok'''
*'''St. James the Apostle Orphanage; Sangkhlaburi'''
*'''St. Mark; Singapore'''
====[[Hong Kong]]====
*[ St. Thomas; Hong Kong]
**Fr Pskheroun El-Antouny
*'''St. Mary & Archangel Michael; Guangzhou'''
*'''St. Mary & St. Mark; Malacca'''
**Fr Joseph Sim
====[[South Korea]]====
*'''St. Mary; Seoul'''
==Monastery of St Shenouda the Archmandrite, Putty, New South Wales==
The monastery is situated on a land of approximately {{convert|110|acre|km2}}. It is currently under the direct supervision of His Holiness Pope Shenouda III. The current Abbot of the monastery is Fr. Daniel El-Antony.
There are a total of 5 monks who live and worship in the monastery:
*Fr Daniel El-Antony (Abbot)
* ''The Coptic Orthodox Church of Australia 1969-1995'', by Fr Matthew Attia, formally Mr Maged Attia
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