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Western Rite

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The Twentieth Century: moved Fr Alexander up
===The Twentieth Century===
[[Image:Fon-du-Lac CircusAlexander_Turner.jpg|right|thumb|300px|Episcopalian Consecration of Reginald Weller as co-adjutor bishop of Fond-du-Lac, 1900Former Antiochian Western Rite Vicar General Fr. Alexander Turner celebrating Mass.]]
:''Main article: [[Western Rite in the Twentieth Century]]''
In 1911, Arnold Harris Mathew, an Old Catholic bishop, entered into union with the Patriarchate of Antioch but left the Church soon after. In 1926, the six-parish ''Polish Catholic National Church'' was received into the Polish Orthodox Church. It celebrated the Liturgy of St. Gregory, and flourished as Orthodox until wiped out by the Nazis. [] []

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