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Anthony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev

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Theological views
== Theological views ==
Metropolitan Anthony was a remarkable writer, author of many works in apologetics, dogmatic, pastoral and moral theology, hermeneutics, canon law and other disciplines. His ecclesiological opinions were influenced by A. S. [[Khomiakov]]; from Khomiakov's view of the dogma of One Church, Metropolitan Anthony concluded that all [[heterodox]] churches were not part of the Church. He allowed the reception of converts through [[confession]] and [[chrismation]] strictly on the grounds of [[economy]].Yet in his day, he taught that Orthodox bishops could receive Anglican clergy merely by penance [ "in existing orders."]
In his [[soteriology|sotereological]] conceptions, Metropolitan Anthony held that Orthodox dogmatic views must be entirely rid of the idea of [[substitutional atonement]] of [[Anselm of Canterbury]], which was popular in theological schools. Metropolitan Anthony wrote:

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