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Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada

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On [[July 23]], 2006, Metr. John was enthroned in Holy Trinity Cathedral by His Eminence Metropolitan Sotirios (Exarch of Canada, and representative of the Ecumenical Patriarch, Bartholomew). Also present were their Eminences, Abps. Yurij of Toronto, and Antony of New York-Washington (UOC of USA), and His Grace Bp. Georgije (Serbian Bishop of Canada). Also present was the Chancellor of the Orthodox Church in America's Canadian Archdiocese, the Metropolitan and Metropolitan-Emeritus of the Ukrainian Catholic Church of Canada (Lawrence and Michael, respectively), and representatives of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and United Churches of Canada.
During a Church Council in August 2008, members came from all across the country came together to elect two new bishops, vote on a change of bylaws, and celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Church. Bishop [[Ilarion (Rudnyk) of Edmonton|Ilarion (Rudnyk)]], vicar bishop in Portugal (under the jurisdiction of the Ecumenical Patriarchate), was elected to the Edmonton cathedra, and Bishop [[Andrij Andriy (Peshko) of SaskatoonKrateia|Andrij (Peshko)]], of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Western Europe, was elected to be the vicar of the Central Eparchy [] . With the election of these two young bishops, the UOCC again restored its Council of Bishops, and a full slate of bishops for the Church. The Council was also attended by Bishop Christophoros (Vicar Bishop of the Toronto Greek Metropolis) as representative of the Patriarch, and by Archbishop Antony and Bishop Daniel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the USA.
In October of that year, his Grace Ilarion's election was ratified by the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and he was enthroned in the St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Edmonton, Alberta on Sunday, [[October 26]], 2008 by his Eminence Metropolitan John [[]].
*''Bishop of Edmonton and of the Western Eparchy''
**Bp. [[Ilarion (Rudnyk) of Edmonton)]] (2008-present)
*''Bishop -Elect of Saskatoon and Vicar of the Central Eparchy''**Bp. [[Andrij Andriy (Peshko) of SaskatoonKrateia]]
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