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Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia

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The '''Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Great Britain and Scandinavia''', headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, is a [[diocese]] of the [[Church of Serbia]] in Great Britain and Scandinavia. Its current [[primate]] is His Eminence Dositej, [[Bishop]] of Great Britain and Scandinavia.
The main church in the UK is of the Holy Prince Lazar, popularly known as Lazarica.<ref></ref>This church is in Bournville, the area of south-west Birmingham where Cadbury's Schweppes is headquartered. The Serbian community there are based all over the Midlands. They first arrived after Yugoslavia fell into the clutches of the left under Tito, and always remained highly pro-monarchist. For instance, where there is a death in the Royal Family they will say special prayers. The Church was built in the 60s with the generosity of the Cadbury philanthropic fund. The Serbs were specially privileged to build an Orthodox church in Bournville, since it is controlled by the Quakers, or Society of Friends, an evangelical group.
There are Serbs all over the Midlands, with another church in Corby. They had once been working class, with many of them engaged in coal-mining, including the senior priest at Lazarica, Milenko Zebic, the "patriarchal-vicar".
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