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All-American Council

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Fifteenth All-American Council
On the first ballot, the two leading candidates were Bp. Jonah, with 233 votes, and Abp. [[Job (Osacky) of Chicago|Job of Chicago]], with 212 votes. Also receiving first ballot votes were, Bishop [[Benjamin (Peterson) of San Francisco|Benjamin]] with 75 votes, Archbishop [[Seraphim (Storheim) of Ottawa|Seraphim]] 33, Bishop [[Tikhon (Mollard) of Philadelphia|Tikhon]] 27, Archpriest [[Michael Dahulich]] 16, Archbishop [[Dmitri (Royster) of Dallas|Dmitri]] 10, Archbishop [[Nathaniel (Popp) of Detroit|Nathaniel]] 9, Bishop [[Basil (Essey) of Wichita|Basil (Essey)]] 6, Bishop [[Nikon (Liolin) of Boston|Nikon]] 5, Archpriest [[Alexander Golitzin]] 5, Archbishop [[Lazar (Puhalo) of Ottawa|Lazar (Puhalo)]] 002, Bishop [[Hilarion (Alfeyev) of Vienna|Hilarion (of Vienna)]] 2, Archimandrite [[Meletios (Webber)]] 2, Archpriest Basil Summer 1, Archimandrite [[Zacharias (Zacharou)|Zacharias (of St. John’s Monastery, England)]] 1, Archpriest Dennis Bradley 1, Archpriest Callinic Berger 1, and Archimandrite Zacchaeus (Wood) with 1 vote. (Three votes were not cast.)
On the second ballot, Bp. Jonah received 473 votes and Abp. Job 364. Their names were given to the other bishops for selection. Also receiving second ballot votes were, Bishop Benjamin with 140 votes, Bishop Tikhon 75, Archbishop Seraphim 42, Archbishop Dmitri 35, Archpriest Michael Dahulich 31, Bishop Basil (Essey) 22, Bishop Nikon 19, Archimandrite Meletios (Webber) 16, Archbishop Nathaniel 9, Archpriest Alexander Golitzin 6, Archpriest Basil Summer 6, Fr. Oleg Kirilov 4, Bishop [[Irineu (Duvlea) of Dearborn Heights|Irineu]] 3, Bishop [[Alejo (Pacheco y Vera) of Mexico City|Alejo]] 3, Archbishop Lazar (Puhalo) 3, Monk Stavros (Leves) 2, Archpriest David Mahaffey 2, Igumen Basil Carpenter 2, Archimandrite Zacharias of St. John’s Monastery, England 2, Archpriest Dennis Bradley 2, Archbishop Nikiphoros 1, Bishop [[Mark (Maymon) of Toledo|Mark of Toledo]] 1, and Fr. Juvenaly of St. Tikhon’s 1 vote.(Two votes were not cast and 4 votes were invalid.)
On the previous night, the Synod of Bishops took questions about the financial scandal. The newly consecrated Bishop Jonah gave answers that drew attention for their forthright admission of wrongdoing at church headquarters and explained of how bishops are supposed to lead.

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