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Apostle Apollo

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The holy, glorious, all-laudable '''Apostle Apollo''' (, also '''Apollos'' and ''Apelles''(in Greek: Απολλως) , is numbered among the [[Apostles#The_Seventy|Seventy Apostles]]. He was [[Bishop]] in Smyrna before St. [[Polycarp Apollo is a contraction of Smyrna|Polycarp]]. The Church remembers StApollonius. Apollo on was a well educated Jew from Alexandria who was a companion and active [[March 30missionary]], with [[September 10Apostle Paul]], and [[December 8]]particularly in Corinth.
Apparently already well versed in the [[Holy Scripture|ScripturalScriptures]] references include and probably influenced by the teaching of disciples of [[John the Forerunner|John the Baptist]], Apollo became known to Paul in [[Ephesus]] where [[Apostle Aquila|Aquila]] and Priscilla spoke with him and instructed him more accurately in the ways of God ([[Acts of the Apostles|Acts]] 18:24-28; [[I , 19:1-7). Later, he appears as an important personage in Corinth where Paul refers to him as part of the community (1 Corinthians]] 13:126, 3and 4:5-6). That he was an important companion of Paul’s mission is shown when later in his letter from Ephesus, Paul refers to Apollo’s coming visit to Corinth (1 Corinthians 16:12; and [[Book of Titus|Titus]] 3:13).
Later in life, Apollo retired to the island of Crete with Zenas, where he may have been bishop. After returning to Corinth where he was [[bishop]]. Later tradition varies in that he is reported to have been bishop at a number of places including Smyrna in Asia Minor and Caesarea. Apollo is commemorated on [[September 10]] and [[March 30]]. He is also remembered with [[Apostle Sosthenes|Sosthenes]], [[Apostle Cephas|Cephas]], [[Apostle Tychicus |Tychicus]], Epapphroditius, [[Apostle Caesar|Caesar]], and [[Apostle Onesiphorus|Onesiphorus]] as part of the Seventy on [[December 8]], and on [[January 4]] in the [[Synaxis]] of the Seventy Apostles. ==SourceSources==*St[http://en. Wikipedia: Apollos]*[[Nikolai Velimirovic OCA: Apostle Apollos of the Seventy-December 8]], ''The *[[Prologue OCA: Apostle Apollos of Ohrid]the Seventy-March 30]''
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