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6 bytes added, 16:59, December 7, 2008
Deleting the "differences between" section
I took the liberty to delete almost everything of the "differences between..." section. It repeats many differences which are already mentioned below and is therefore clearly superfluous. Besides, some mentioned differences are very much questionable; in Russia all golovshiki of priestist Old Believers, for instance, use a baton when conducting the choir, so this is not only common for new style orthodoxy. I also don't see the point in mentioning characteristics of new style orthodoxy, being them just the opposite of what Old Believers are practising. Another objection is that the formulation is often obviously not NPOV.
The main point, however, is that this article is about Old Believers, the Schism of 1666-67, the history and backgrounds of the Old Belief, etc. This is '''not ''' an article about ritual and liturgical differences between Old- en New Ritualists. Furthermore, many described differences are extremely detailed and not always characteristic for Old Believers in general. Therefore, sections about these differences (apart from these sections quite a few differences actually '''are''' mentioned!) should in no case screen the main subject of the article.
[[User:Vasstar|Vasstar]] 16:57, December 7, 2008 (UTC)

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