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'''''Temple''''' is a term used by Orthodox Christians to refer to buildings used for conducting religious services, including [[church]]es and [[cathedral]]s. The word also is used often in reference to the believer as a ''temple''. The word temple comes from the Latin ''templum'', describing a structure reserved for religious or spiritual activities.
The term temple appears in both the Greek and Slavic traditions. The Greek term for "temple" (ναός) is commonly applied to larger churches. The [[Temple of Saint Sava]] in Belgrade, Serbia is an example. In Russian, and similarly in other East Slavic languages, the term for "temple" (khram (Храм)), is used to refer to the church building as a Temple of God (Khram Bozhy). The words ''church'' and ''temple'' are used interchangeably; however, the term ''church'' (derived from the Greek ''kyriakon'', "Lord's [house]") is far more common in English, while in Russian, the more common word for “church” is ''tserkov''.
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