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All-American Council

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Fifteenth All-American Council: cleanup
==Fifteenth All-American Council==
The 15th All-American Council, took place at the Hilton, in Pittsburgh, PA, November 10-13, 2008. The Council trailed a financial scandal that had been slowly emerging since 1993 that resulted in the early retirement of the Most Blessed Metr. [[Herman (Swaiko) of Washington and New York| Metropolitan Herman(Swaiko)]] in September. Chief The chief tasks of the council were to pick a new primate for the OCA, and to restore confidence in the financial accountability of the church.
Auxiliary After receiving pluralities in the nominating ballots (though not a two-thirds majority), auxiliary Bishop [[Jonah (Paffhausen) of Washington and New York|Jonah (Paffhausen)]] of Fort Worth was chosen elected by the Synod of Bishops since the majority of two thirds vote for election was not met by anyone. His Grace Jonah did receive a majority of votes on the first and second ballots. There were 635 voting dedicatesdelegates, including 310 clergy and 325 lay dedicatesdelegates, making 424 votes needed for a first round, two thirds, majority.
On the first ballot, the two leading candidates were Bishop Bp. Jonah, with 233 votes, and Archbishop Abp. [[Job (Osacky) of Chicago|Job of Chicago]], with 212 votes. On the second ballot, Bishop Bp. Jonah received 473 votes and Bishop Abp. Job 364. Their names were given to the other bishops for selection.
On the previous night, the Synod of Bishops took questions about the financial scandal. The newly consecrated Bishop Jonah gave answers that drew attention for their forthright admission of wrongdoing at church headquarters and explained of how bishops are supposed to lead.
Among the reports and talks during the council were Abp. [[Nathaniel (Popp) of Detroit|Archbishop Nathaniel’sNathaniel]] 's update on the Romanian Orthodox Episcopate in America, Special Investigating Committee reports and recommendations.  Much of the Council’s Council's activity could be observed with the internet online through a [ page on the OCA’ OCA website], and on via podcasts of from [ Ancient Faith Radio].
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