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Alexander (Nemolovsky) of Brussels

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In 1921, Alexander participated along with Platon in the [[ROCOR]] synod in Karlovtsy, Serbia, where he was confirmed as the primate of the Russian Metropolia in North America.
As financial and factional complications grew, Abp. Alexander decided that it was best for the church that he leave the United States. With the return of Metr. Platon to the United States, Alexander sent a letter on [[June 7]], 1922, to Platon asking that he assume the duties of the ruling hierarch. He then departed from the United States on [[June 20]], 1922, finding himself on [[Mount Athos]] for a time and then eventually under Metr. [[Evlogy (Georgievsky) of Paris]], who had broken from the ROCOR and brought his Russian parishes in Western Europe under the [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]]. Alexander served in Belgium from 1929 until 1960 as a [[hierarchArchbishop of Brussels and Belgium]] , first of this the jurisdiction, of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (the [[Russian Orthodox Exarchate in Western Europe]]), til 1946; then of the Moscow Patriarchate until his death in 1960.[]

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