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External Links: link (trial - plan to assassinate the Ecumenical Patriarch).
* [,1518,437587,00.html "Islam is a Different Culture"]. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Interview with [[w:Walter Kasper|Cardinal Walter Kasper]], September 18, 2006.
* [ Islam and the West: Towards an Anti-Civilization]. Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia: Diocese of Great Britain and Ireland website. ''(Argues that the so-called ‘clash of civilizations’ between the “west” and “islam” is not the real issue, rather, due to pervasive secularism, it is the clash between between “civilization” and “anti-civilization” that is the real threat).''
*Dr. Otmar Oehring. [ TURKEY: Turkish nationalism, Ergenekon, and denial of religious freedom]. Forum 18 News, 21 October 2008. <small>(Dr. Otmar Oehring is Head of the Human Rights Office of the German Catholic charity Missio. A trial has begun in Turkey of influential people alleged to be part of an ultra-nationalist group, Ergenekon. The court case reveals 86 members, ranging from the Turkish police, army, business, politics, and the mass media, are alleged in a plan to assassinate the Ecumenical Patriarch, along with the murder of two Turkish Christians. Ergenekon members are alleged to have maintained deathlists of people, including Christians with a missionary background. The Malatya murder trial is revealing plausible links between Ergenekon, the "deep state" and the murders.)</small>

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