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The Holy '''Prophet Habakkuk''', the eighth of the [[Twelve Minor Prophets]], was descended from the Tribe of Simeon, and he prophesied around 650 B.C.
The Prophet Habakkuk foresaw the destruction of the [[Jerusalem Temple]], the [[Babylonian Captivity]] and the later return of the captives to their native land. During the war with the Babylonians the [[prophet]] withdrew to Arabia, where the following miracle occurred. When he was bringing dinner to the reapers, he met an [[angel]] of the Lord, and instantly by the strength of his spirit he was transported to Babylon, where at the time the [[Daniel|Prophet Daniel]] was languishing in prison. The food intended for the reapers assuaged the hunger of the exhausted Prophet Daniel (Dan. 14:33-37).
After the end of the war with the Babylonians, the Prophet Habakkuk returned to his homeland and died at a great old age. His relics were found at the time of Emperor [[Theodosius the Great]], together with the relics of the [[Micah|Prophet Micah]] (August 14).

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