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Alexander (Semenoff-Tian-Chansky) of Zila

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His Grace the Right Reverend Bishop '''Alexander (Semenoff-Tian-Chansky) of Zila''' was an [[auxiliary bishop]] of the [[Ecumenical Patriarchate]] serving in the [[Russian Orthodox Exarchate in Western Europe]].

Bp. Alexander was born on [[October 7]], 1890, in St. Petersburg, Russia. He studied letters at the University of St. Petersburg. In 1921, he left his country for France, where he remained from 1925. At the age of 47 he started studying theology.

In 1953, he was ordained [[deacon]] and [[priest]]. On [[June 30]], he was elected assistant bishop of Archbishop [[Georges (Tarassoff) of Syracuse]], head of the [[Russian Orthodox Exarchate in Western Europe]], receiving the title of ''Bishop of Zila''. He was [[consecration|consecrated]] top the [[bishop|episcopacy]] in Paris on [[September 5]], 1971, at the age of 80. He died in Paris on [[May 16]], 1979.

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