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Isaiah (Chronopoulos) of Denver

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His Eminence [[Metropolitan]] '''Isaiah (Chronopoulos) of Denver''' is the presiding [[hierarch]] of the Metropolis of Denver, a [[diocese]] within the [[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America]] covering a twelve-state region (and parts of two others) in the Intermountain region Region of the United States.
The Metropolitan is a native of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His parents, having been born in Portsmouth. He is one of four children born to Dennis and Mary (Kapsimalis) Chronopoulos who had , immigrated to the United States from Olympia, Greece. Metropolitan Isaiah is one of four children. After his primary and high school education, he served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean conflictWar. In the autumn of 1954 , he enrolled at [[Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (Brookline, Massachusetts)|Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Seminary]] in Brookline, Massachusetts. Upon his graduation in 1960, he undertook graduate studies at the [[Theological School of Halki]].
On [[February 25]], 1962, Metropolitan Isaiah was [[ordination|ordained]] a [[deacon]] by His Eminence [[Archbishop]] [[Iakovos (Coucouzis) of America|Iakovos]] at Saint Spyridon Church in San Diego, California, having been following his [[tonsure]]d as a [[monk]] on the previous day. He received his ordination to the holy [[priest]]hood from Bishop [[Demetrios (Makris) of Olympos]] at Saint Sophia [[Cathedral]] in Los Angeles, California, on [[March 18]], 1962. His first assignment in the Archdiocese was as assistant to the [[pastor]] at Holy Trinity Church in Salt Lake City, Utah. In December of 1964 , he was assigned as pastor at Saint John the Baptist Church in Youngstown, Ohio. On [[November 30]], 1969, he was raised to the office of [[Archimandrite]] by Archbishop Iakovos at the [[consecration]] services of the new church and community center in Youngstown.
Archbishop Iakovos next assigned Fr. Isaiah to [[Hellenic College (Brookline, Massachusetts)|Hellenic College]] and Holy Cross School of Theology as the Director of Student Life in August of 1971. Taking a leave of absence from his duties in February 1975, he enrolled as a graduate student at the School of Theology at the University of Thessaloniki, fulfilling requirements for the recognition of his master's degree in theology. He returned to the United States in July of that year and continued in the capacity of as Dean of Students.
In September 1976 , he was appointed the Dean of Administrative Affairs, concurrent with his position as Dean of Students. In October 1977 he assumed additional duties as the interim pastor at Saint Nicholas Church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Relinquishing all of these positions in March 1979, he was assigned as the [[Chancellor]] of the Diocese of Chicago under His Grace, [[Bishop]] [[Iakovos (Garmatis) of Chicago|Iakovos]] of Chicago.
Metropolitan Isaiah was elected to the episcopacy by the [[Holy Synod]] of the [[Ecumenical Patriarch]]ate in Istanbul (Constantinople), Turkey, on [[April 10]], 1986. He was consecrated a bishop on [[May 25]], 1986, at Holy Trinity Cathedral in New York City, and was given the title of ''Bishop of Aspendos'', a former Christian city in southwestern Asia Minor. In September 1986, Archbishop Iakovos assigned him as the Chancellor of the Archdiocese in New York. Bishop Isaiah continued to function in this capacity until [[June 23]], 1992, when he was elected Bishop of Denver by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, taking the new title on [[June 24]], 1992, at special ceremonies in the Archdiocesan Chapel of St. Paul. He was enthroned as Bishop of Denver on [[September 10]], 1992, at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the [[Assumption]] of the [[Virgin Mary]] in Denver, Colorado.

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