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Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Australia and New Zealand

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bishop=[[Mihail Michael (Filimon) of Australia and New Zealand|Mihail]]|
see=Melbourne, Vic., Aust.|
hq=Melbourne, Vic., Aust.|
website=[ Official website]
The '''Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Australia and New Zealand''' is a [[diocese]] of the [[Church of Romania]]. Bishop [[Mihail Michael (Filimon)|Mihail]] is the inaugural ruling [[bishop ]] for the diocese, and was enthroned on [[June 29]] 2008.
The first Romanian Orthodox [[parish ]] in Australasia was founded in 1972, but it was not until much later that there was any organisation of the parishes, with each parish directly responsible to a member of the Holy [[Synod ]] that was responsible for Romanian Orthodox in the diaspora.
In 2006, Fr Dumitru Coman, a parish priest in Melbourne, was made the [[Vicar ]] of the Romanian Orthodox Vicariate of Australia and New Zealand, and in 2008, the Diocese of Australia and New Zealand was founded with the election on [[March 5 March election ]] of [[Archimandrite ]] Mihail (Filimon) as the first ruling bishop.
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