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Prayer book

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Prayer books available in English
''Orthodox Prayer Book'', published by [ Holy Protection Monastery] in Lake George, Colorado, is a modern English prayer book containing the common morning and evening prayers used in the Russian tradition, plus prayers for loved ones and various needs, Canons to Our Guardian Angel and for Repentance, Paraklesis to the Theokotos, and prayers before and after Holy Communion.
''Orthodox Christian Prayerbook'', published by the [ Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry], is an adaptation of the Book of Hours, or [ [''Horologion'']], for use by the laity. It contains Vespers, Small Compline, the Midnight Office, Daily Matins and First Hour, Third Hour, Sixth Hour and Typica, and the Ninth Hour adapted for use without clergy. The translation used is a modern English revision of the texts used by the [ Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America].
''Orthodox Prayers for Everyday'' is another adaptation of the Hours for use by the laity throughout the day. Complied and translated by Maureen Girard and published by [ Regina Orthodox Press], it also contains the Paschal Hours, Morning Prayers, Prayers Before Sleep, and Prayers Before Holy Communion. The translation used is a comprehensible mix of old and modern English.
[,M1 ''A Manual of Eastern Orthodox Prayers''], published by St. Vladmir's Seminary Press, is for use of laity. It contains Morning and Evening Prayers, Prayers for Different Occasions, Anthems and Hymns of the Greater Feasts and Saints' Days, the Slavonic and Greek Order of Confession, Prayers Before and After Holy Communion, and a Church calendar.
''Come To Me'', published by Christ the Saviour Seminary Press in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is a publication of the [[American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese]]. It contains Morning and Evening Prayers, Prayers for Different Occasions, the diocesan text of the Divine Liturgy, the full text of Troparion/Kontakion and Prokeimenon of each Sunday, Special Hymns, the Order for Confession, and Prayers Before and After Holy Communion. The book also contains a number of instructional and catechetical articles on Confession and Communion, Reading the Bible, living an Orthodox life, as well as meditations on Holy Communion.
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