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Saint '''Cloud''', or '''Clodoald''', (522-560) was a pre-Schism French saint of noble parentage. He became a [[hermit ]] and founded the [[monastery ]] at Nogent-Sur-Seine near Paris.
St. Cloud was born in 522 to a life of nobility. His grandfather was King Clovis the First, one of the most important figures in Frankish history. When his father was killed in battle in 524 he and his brothers were brought up by their grandmother St Clotilde ([[June 3]]). His brothers were murdered by their uncles Childebert and Clotaire to prevent them from succeeding to the Frankish throne.
St Cloud escaped, renounced any claim to the throne, and became a [[monk ]] under the protection of St. Severnius of Noricum, another important saint in the early Latin Church of the West. He lived as a hermit for 11 years, studying the [[Scriptures ]] and receiving visitors who sought his wisdom and healing powers. He was at first troubled by being so close to Paris, where he was well-known, so he withdrew to Provence. At length, recognizing that a life of blessed solitude was not what God had in His plans, St. Cloud returned to Paris. At the earnest request of the people he was [[ordination|ordained ]] [[priest ]] by [[Bishop ]] Eusebius of Paris, in 551, and served that church for some time. He then became an [[abbot ]] of a monastery in Norgent-Sur-Seine, near Paris. He diligently gave away his goods and taught those near Nogent. Saint Cloud went into repose in 560; his feast day is on [[September 7]]. His [[relics ]] remain in the village church.
He is the [[patron saint ]] of St. Cloud, Minnesota; those suffering from a particular skin disorder; and nailmakers. In church [[iconography ]] he would be shown in [[monasticism|monastic ]] robes, sometimes instructing the poor or offering his hood to a less fortunate person.
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