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Methodius (Gerasimov) of Harbin

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His Eminence, '''Methodius (Gerasimov) of Harbin''' was a hierarch of the [[Church of Russia]] who was among those who migrated to Manchuria as a result of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. In Manchuria, he became Bishop of [[Diocese of Harbin|Harbin]].
As the Russian White army forces retreated during the civil war, Abp. Methodius migrated to eastern Asia during 1919, finally reaching Harbin, Manchuria. In 1920, he was named [[Archbishop]] of Harbin. In the 1920s, as order came to the Orthodox community in Manchuria following the defeat of the Russian White army, most of the senior Russian clergy united under the [[Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia]] under Metr. [[Anthony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev|Anthony]], Abp. Methodius included.
In 1929, Abp. Methodius was elevated to [[metropolitan]] by the ROCOR [[Synod]] of Bishops. In 1931, Metr. Methodius reposed and was succeeded in a new Harbin diocese by Abp. [[Meletius (Zaborosky) of Harbin and Manchuria|Meletius (Zaborovsky)]].
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