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== [[User:Uncreatedlight|uncreatedlight]]'s To Do List ==
*Define Spirituality.
*Determine sources.
*Decide if contrast/comparison is best model (would the execution of the model satisfy O-Wiki's anti-bias requirement)
*Add to Catharsis:
**Origins of Spirituality: From God to Man
***The exagoruesis of the Son before His Incarnation
***The exagoruesis of the Son in time as the Theanthropos
***The exagoruesis of the Son after the Ascension
**The Response of Man to God
***The exagoruesis of man as Image of the Son in the "fallen" state
***The exagoruesis of man as Image of the Son and restored Likeness of the Son
*Add to Theoria:
*Add to Theosis:

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