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undoing Willibrord's change: why
:Fr. Michael actually writes that his text is ''not'' a pastiche, although others may accuse it of such (wrongly, in his view); it is hardly accurate to say he wrote it could "rightly" be accused of such. It was indeed part of Overbeck's suggestions to use the Mozarabic epiclesis they use. You are right Fr. Michael adds the two hymns he uses, thus I've noted that.
:The monastery St. Hilarion Monastery no longer exists; the bishop who authorized it the OSRM abandoned it years ago and then retired; and Keller claims to be a "communicant" in ROCOR, where he was denied ordination but maintains a defunct "mission"/publishing house allegedly under ROCOR auspiecesauspices. If he is now claiming to be a hieromonk under the Milan Synod, it may be of great interest to those in ROCOR. :The link you add has ''nothing'' to do with Fr. Michael's complaints, and [ '''twists my words ''' as I note here]. And I wrote to the author that he was twisting my words before he ever wrote this strawman nonsense. Thus, it is not only off-topic but dishonest.
:Whether the OSRM is a good reference or the like is subjective (and ''highly'' disputed by actual Sarum scholars).
:Perhaps you could cite where the ''OSRM'' is being used in the Milan Synod? I'm not much interested in the uses of ''vagantes,'' but it wasIt is, after all, you who had have written several edits of this page noting it was no longer in use in the MS. --[[User:Willibrord|Willibrord]] 00:09, August 25, 2008 (UTC)

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