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Sarum Use

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Clarification of Fr. Michael's words; deleted link has nothing to do with Fr. Michael's criticism and deliberately misconstrues another man's words.
=="Old Sarum Rite Missal" controversy==
Another translation of the Sarum Rite using a similar name is the ''"Old Sarum Rite Missal"'', compiled by a former hieromonk, Aidan (Keller), formerly of [[St. Hilarion's Monastery]] a former monastery of the [[Holy Synod of Milan]], based upon many sources. It is considered by some Western Rite Orthodox clergy to be a modern construction due to mixing of idiosyncratic local customs, and it has been criticized by the same as being [ a pastiche of Byzantine analogues rather than an actual revived liturgy; however, .] This claim is disputed by the translator of the ROCOR translationMissal in question, though he has not yet made all the translator textual sources of his missal known. Fr. Michael of St. Petroc's Monastery notes, could also rightly be called a pastiche]. This claim is the [ disputedhtm ROCOR-approved Sarum Liturgy] also "mixes" together one item: it includes the epiclesis from the Mozarabic Liturgy, howeveras did the original Western Rite liturgy proposed by Dr. J.J. Overbeck. Otherwise, ROCOR's approved Sarum Liturgy "is essentially the Sarum Use as translated into English by the translator of the A. Harford Pearson." The ''"Old Sarum Rite Missal in question]. This missal "'' has been largely abandoned by Western Rite Orthodox and is also no longer used in the dioceses diocese of the [[Holy Milan Synod of Milan]] which had where it was formerly approved it but remains a useful text for research purposes.

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