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585 bytes added, 19:40, August 23, 2008
HERE we go again. Including the "Liturgy of St Gregory the Great" on this link
:My edit listed this saint's exact contribution to the Roman Mass, remarks it bears his name in his honor, then links to the OrthodoxWiki entry proving the fact: the Liturgy of St. Gregory (as I note on that Talk page, it is ''not'' called "The Liturgy of St. Gregory ''the Great''"). The Mass he celebrated at Rome was heavily edited long before the Great Schism, perhaps nowhere moreso than in the Sarum Use. (Ironically, the Tridentine Mass actually arrested medieval, post-Schism development as found, e.g., in the Sarum Mass, and turned back toward pre-Schism Liturgy -- but all this is immaterial to the entry.) As this is not a private blog, frankly your ''opinion'' of the Mass referred to on another entry is immaterial.
:I'm adding back the edits, simply because as this entry stands there is a non-word "ss" where "as" should be and an extra space where you deleted "erroneously." I also added a word about Gregorian chant. (I'm holding out hope perhaps there will be no edit war on the grounds the monks at Solemnes reconstructed Gregorian chant....) --[[User:Willibrord|Willibrord]] 19:33, August 23, 2008 (UTC)
You say "and turned back toward pre-Schism Liturgy". That is a Roman Catholic argument. However, factually it is incorrect, and Roman liturgical scholars have noted for centuries that the attempt to make the Liturgy "pre-schism" largely failed. It *did* standardize the liturgy. It did *not* restore it to a pre-schism usage.
BTW, the Sarum liturgy's usages can be traced back to the time of the schism, so you are incorrect.
You also added back the link, and I will update accordingly to reflect the reality, and I will leave your link as is while fixing the factual information.
==Whether St Gregory should be ascribed authorship to the Presanctified Liturgy==

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