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Sarum Use

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Old Sarum Rite
==Old Sarum Rite==
Another translation of the Sarum Rite using a similar name is the '''Old Sarum Rite series'Missal'', compiled by a Hieromonk former hieromonk, Aidan (Keller), formerly of [[St. Hilarion's Monastery]], based upon many various early rites of Orthodox England, including Sarum, and many details from minority textssources. It is considered by some of its detractors Western Rite clergy to be a modern construction due to mixing of idiosyncratic local customs, and it has been criticized by the same as being [ a pastiche of Byzantine analogues rather than an actual revived liturgy]. This particular translation missal has been largely abandoned by Western Rite Orthodox, but remains popular as a reference text, and while the series is also no longer used in the dioceses of the [[Holy Synod of Milan]], which had formerly approved it was approved by Fr Aidan's ruling hierarch when used, and are still published through Fr Aidan's independent press. Only 100 copies of the missals were produced, and occasionally show up for well over their original asking price at online auctions.

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