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List of bishops in Australasia

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Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia
*[[Seraphim (Ginis) of Apollonias|Seraphim (Ginis)]] of Apollonias. 1991-present.
*[[Nikandros (Palyvos) of Dorileou|Nikandros (Palyvos)]] of Dorileou. 2001-present.
*[[Joseph (Harkiolakis) currently of Proikonnisos|Joseph (Harkiolakis)]] , formerly of New Zealand and Arianzos. 1989-2003.*Seraphim of Christianoupolis. 2001-03.Now Metropolitan of Pireas*Paul of Christianoupoleos, now schismatic.autonomous
==Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Zealand==

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