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Orthodox Media

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*[ Just Thinking] - Current events, social trends and moral issues from an Orthodox point of view with Rod Dreher of the ''Dallas Morning News''.
*[ Orthodox Word Podcast] - A source for the daily scriptural readings of the Orthodox Church. Each daily podcast also includes the hymns and readings from the Synaxarion for the Saints or Feast Day.
*[ Our Life in Christ] is an internet radio show based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Originally, they were doing live radio broadcasts on 1360 AM ([ KPXQ]), a Protestant radio station of the [ Salem Network]. Through this ministry they began to offer Orthodox apologetics to Protestants.
*[ Saint Catherine Greek Orthodox Church], in Greenwood Village, Colorado, records all the sermons, educational lectures, retreats and special events and puts them in a podcast for listeners. Indvidual records are also available for download.
*[ Search the Scriptures] by Dr. Jeannie Constantinou. Bible study, with early church history, theology, and patristics.
*[ Speaking the Truth in Love] by Fr. [[Thomas Hopko]].
*[ Shepherd of Souls] An insightful look at spiritual themes from an Eastern Christian perspective by Fr. Peter Preble

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