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Orthodox Media

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* [ Orthodox.TV]
* [ GOARCH Multimedia - Video]
* [ The Glory of High Decani] - Among the video presentations of life in Kosovo and Metohija, this video on the recent experience of the monks of the "High Decani" monastery is particularly recommended (it's the third from top).
* [ Aghapy TV - The First Coptic Orthodox Satellite TV Channel]
* [ Holy Pimoly (Cartoon - Coptic)]
* [ Coptic Media Productions] * [ All Saints Monastery YouTube Broadcasts]
==Radio and podcasts==
*[ Holy Cross Church in Linthicum, MD] hosts numerous audio files available for download.
*[ Facing East], two Orthodox priests in central Massachusetts chatting
*[ Generation Orthodox], Hosted by Jacob Lee, Show Targets People interested in Orthodoxy under the age of 40
*[ Saint Catherine Greek Orthodox Church], in Greenwood Village, Colorado, records all the sermons, educational lectures, retreats and special events and puts them in a podcast for listeners. Indvidual records are also available for download.
*[ Shepherd of Souls] An insightful look at spiritual themes from an Eastern Christian perspective by Fr. Peter Preble
*[ St Nikolaj's Prologue], a daily Serbian podcast of the Lives of the Saints, as written by St Nikolaj of Ochrid and Zica
*[ Pantokrator]
*[ Philokalia]

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