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Orthodoxy in Australasia

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{{orthodoxyinaustralasia}}Since From the first [[Divine Liturgy ]] celebrated at Kirribilli Point, (Sydney, ) in 1820; to its , New Zealand's first [[priest ]] in 1896 1910, Australia's first Exarch in 1913, and Australia and New Zealand's first [[bishop ]] in 1924 and , right to the present day, '''Orthodoxy in Australasia''' has a short history that is extremely undocumented and, therefore, largely unseen. This article seeks to be a clearinghouse of information and links regarding the history and state of Orthodox Christianity in Australia, New Zealand, and (God willing) in Oceania.
==History==*Previously, this article was a clearinghouse of information and links regarding the history and state of [[Timeline of Orthodoxy Orthodox Christianity]] in Australia]]*[[Timeline of and New Zealand; however, this article is now focused on Orthodoxy in and any things that affect both Australia and New Zealand]], and on any information on Orthodoxy in Oceania.
==PeopleSub-series=====Ruling Bishops===*[[Hilarion (Kapral) of Sydney]]*[[Joseph (Harkiolakis) of New Zealand]]*[[Milutin of Orthodoxy in Australia and New Zealand]]*[[Paul (Saliba) of Australia and Orthodoxy in New Zealand]]*[[Stylianos (Harkianakis) of Australia]]
===Auxiliary Bishops=History==*[[Ezekiel Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Dervis]]*[[Seraphim (Ginis) of Apollonias]]*[[Nikandros (Kalyvos) of Dorileou]] ===Other major figures===*[[Bishop]] [[Nektarios (Kellis) of MadagascarAustralia and New Zealand]], Greek-Australian [[missionary]] The forerunner to Madagascar, and first bishop thereof.*the present Greek Orthodox structures in [[Archimandrite]] [[Themistocles (Adamopoulo)]], formerly lecturer at [[St. Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College (Sydney, Archdiocese of Australia|St.Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological CollegeAustralia]]; currently assistant dean of the Orthodox Patriarchal Ecclesiastical School 'Archbishop Macarius III' in Nairobi.*and [[Archimandrite]] [[Stefanos (Pantanassiotis)]], [[Abbot]] of the [[Monastery Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pantanassa (Mangrove, Australia)New Zealand|Monastery of PantanassaNew Zealand]].*[[Abbess]] Kallistheni, Abbess History of the [[Monastery of Gorgoepikoos (Geelong, Australia)|Monastery of GorgoepikoosAntiochian Orthodoxy in Australasia]]
===Previous Bishops===*[[Gibran (Ramlaoui) of Australia and New Zealand]]<font size="1"><i>Only those with OrthodoxWiki entries are shown</i></font> ==Canonical Jurisdictions==
===With Local Bishop===
*[[Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand]]
*[[Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia]]
*[[Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand]]*[[Greek Orthodox Metropolitanate Metropolis of New Zealand]]*[[Romanian Orthodox Episcopate of Australia and New Zealand]]
*[[Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia]] - [[Diocese of Australia and New Zealand (ROCOR)|Diocese of Australia and New Zealand]]
*[[Church of Serbia|Serbian Orthodox Church]] [[Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand|in Australia and New Zealand]] and [[Serbian Orthodox Diocese Metropolitanate of Australia Australian and New Zealand|Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand - New Gracanica Metropolitanate]] (while these are two seperate dioceses, there is one bishop ruling/administrating both)
===Without Local Bishop===
*[[Church Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of Russiathe USA, Canada and Australia|Moscow PatriarchateBulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada and]] in [[Australian_jurisdictions_without_a_local_bishop|Australia; with a single ]]. There is one parishin [ Sydney], "Holy Trinity Orthodox Church", one in [ Melbourne] and one in [ Adelaide].*[[Orthodox Church in Americaof Russia|Moscow Patriarchate]] - Parishes [[Australian_jurisdictions_without_a_local_bishop|in Australia]]; with two parishes one parish each in Sydney and one parish in BrisbaneMelbourne.*[ Orthodox Church of Ukraine - Former 'Kyivan Patriarchate']: Part of the [[Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Romania– Kyiv Patriarchate|Romanian Orthodox Churchof Ukraine]] in Australia and New Zealand; , with five 5 parishes in AustraliaSydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Brisbane. With the Decision of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople 11/10/18 starting from Patriarch Philaret and Metropolitan Makary all anathemas, defrokments & excommunication were uplifted and all clergy under them restored to canonical status. On the 15/12/2018 the new head of the church Metropolitan Epiphanios was elected by the united Sobor of bishops assembly==Organizations Autocephaly and Tomos to the Ukrainian church was officially handed to the Metropolitan of Kyiv and Institutions==all Ukraine Epiphanios on January 6th 2019 in Constantinople by the Ecumenical Patriarch.*[[Standing Conference Consistory of Canonical the Ukrainian Orthodox Churches of Church in Australiaand New Zealand]] (SCCOCAunder Constantinople), with 10 parishes and missions in Melbourne, Geelong, Newborough, Sydney, Schofields, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth (in addition to one in Auckland, New Zealand)*[[St Andrew's Greek Orthodox Theological College]].
==Monasteries=Oriental Orthodox jurisdictions==={{oriental}}*[[Monastery Church of Pantanassa (Mangrove, Australia)India|Holy Monastery of PantanassaIndian Orthodox Church]]*[[Monastery of Gorgoepikoos (Geelong, Australia)Australian_jurisdictions_without_a_local_bishop|Holy Monastery of Gorgoepikoos]]*[[Monastery of St John of the Mountain (Forrestfield, in Australia)|Holy Monastery of St John of the Mountain]]<font size="1"><i>Only those monasteries ; with OrthodoxWiki articles are listed; however, a one [[List of Australian monasteries|full listparish]] is availableeach in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.
==External links=With an irregular status===*[[Macedonian Orthodox Diocese of Australia and New Zealand]]: As part of the [[Macedonian Orthodox Church]], this is not in full communion with any of the mainstream Orthodox Churches, and is headed by His Grace Petar, Metropolitan of Australia and New Zealand.*[[Autocephalic Greek Orthodox Church of America and Australia]]: Formed out of a schism with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia with the Greek Orthodox Community of South Australia (GOCSA). This entity is not in communion with any of the mainstream Orthodox Churches. The parishes affiliated with the 'Greek Orthodox Communities of South Australia' (None as yetGOCSA)are in this church.
==People=Articles====Current Hierarchs===*His Eminence [[Makarios (Griniezakis) of Australia|Makarios]], Archbishop of Australia (Greek Orthodox).**His Grace [[Ezekiel of Dervis]], [[auxiliary bishop]] to Archbishop Stylianos in [[List of parishes in Victoria|Melbourne]].**His Grace [[Iakovos (Tsigounis) of Militoupolis]], auxiliary bishop to Archbishop Stylianos in [[List of parishes in Queensland|Queensland]].*His Eminence [[Basilios (Kodseie) of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines|Basilios]], Metropolitan of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines (Antiochian Orthodox).*His Eminence [[Bibliography Hilarion (Kapral) of Orthodoxy Sydney|Hilarion]], Metropolitan of New York and First Hierarch of ROCOR, and Archbishop of Australia and New Zealand (ROCOR).**His Grace [[George (Schaefer) of Canberra|George]], vicar bishop to Metropolitan Hilarion in AustralasiaAustralia and New Zealand.*His Grace [[Mihail (Filimon) of Australia and New Zealand|Mihail]], Bishop of Australia and New Zealand (Romanian Orthodox).*His Eminence [[Myron (Ktistakis) of New Zealand|Myron]], Metropolitan of New Zealand (Greek Orthodox).*His Grace [[Siluan (Mrakic) of Australia and New Zealand|Irinej]], Bishop of Australia and New Zealand (Serbian Orthodox).
==Organizations and Institutions=Link collections====Pan-Jurisdictional===*[[Episcopal Assembly of Oceania]]*[[Eastern Hierarchs]]*(None as yet)[[Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Churches in Australia]]
*[[List_of_Western-Rite_parishes_in_Australasia|Parishes in Australasia celebrating the Western Rite]]
*[[List of bishops in Australasia|Complete list of bishops in Australasia]], past and present (includes auxiliary bishops).
{{Parishes of Australasia and Oceania}}
==External links==
*[ Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia and New Zealand]
**[ Deanery of New Zealand]
*[ Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese of the USA, Canada and Australia]
*[ Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia]
**[ Fifth Archdiocesan District of Western Australia]
*[ Greek Orthodox Metropolis of New Zealand]
*[ Orthodox Church in America - Parishes in Australia]
*[ Romanian Churches in Australia] (unofficial site)
*[ Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia - Diocese of Australia and New Zealand]
*[ Serbian Orthodox Church in Australia and New Zealand] (in Serbian)
*[ Orthodox Church in Ukraine in Australia]
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