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Items of note
*Although I am an administrator on OrthodoxWiki, I'm really more interested in working on content than in administrative stuff.
*I have been accused online of all sorts of interesting things, typically right after I do or say something someone else doesn't like and usually by someone brazen in their anonymity. If you believe the hype, I'm a liar, uncanonical, teenager, female, illiterate, coarse, unintelligent, immoral, hypocrite, insane, less-than-upright, high-handed, arrogant, a disgrace to my bishop, shameful, Hellenophile, Hellenophobe, Russophile, Russophobe, disreputable racist who is incapable of controlling his temper, passions, hidden agendas, etc.
*Despite some of the fascinating things that the [[Church of Antioch]] gets accused of, I am at least one Antiochian cleric who believes and practices that: the Orthodox Church is the one and only true Church, innovation in doctrine is always bad (though innovation in expression of it can be good), innovation in liturgy is usually bad (though not always), we are not currently in communion with the [[Oriental Orthodox]], cassocks are better than suits, obedience is usually better than "making a statement."
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