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Sretensky Monastery

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On [[September 8]], 1995, the Patronal day of the monastery, the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God was brought from the State Tryetyakov Gallery for two days. In spite of heavy rains, more than 30,000 believers participated in the procession at the monastery. The relics of the [[martyr]]ed Abp. Hilarion (Troitsky) were moved from St Petersburg to the monastery in May 1999.
During the Autumn of 1999, a new educational institution was established at the monastery. The Sretensky High Orthodox College (seminary) was founded to prepare a well educated clergy who are not only well knowledgeable in theology but also are knowledgeable in modern scientific and cultural matters and problems. The college studies are offers studeis in the two specialtiesfollowing disciplines: Orthodox theology and Apologetics.
Two [[skete]]'s ([[hermitage]]s) are attached to the monastery. The first skete, which is for men, is dedicated to St [[Seraphim of Sarov|Seraphim of Sarov]] and is located the Ryazan region. The [[monk]]s reside in the reconstructed Krasnoye mansion. The second skete, for women, is dedicated to God’s Prophet [[Elijah]] and is located in the Moscow area. The [[nun]]s participate in the activities of the monastery.

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