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All-American Council

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Thirteenth All-American Council
==Thirteenth All-American Council==
The thirteenth council was held in Orlando, Florida on [[July 21]]-26, 2002. The theme for the council was: ''The Parish Community: Our Life in Christ''. The principal business of the council was the election of a new Metropolitan to succeed Metr. [[Theodosius (Lazor) of Washington|Theodosius (Lazor)]], who had voluntarily retired because of reportedly poor health. While Bp. [[Seraphim (Storheim) of Ottawa|Seraphim of Ottawa and Canada]] received a majority of votes on the first ballot, the election proceeded to a second vote by the Synod of Bishop Bishops since the majority of two thirds for election was not met. The Synod of Bishops selected Abp. [[Herman (Swaiko) of Washington and New York|Herman]] (Swaiko) of Philadelphia as the new Metropolitan.
In the first ballot there were 267 votes for Bishop Seraphim, 141 for Archbishop Herman, 52 for Bishop [[Job (Osacky) of Chicago]], 47 for Archbishop [[Nathaniel (Popp) of Detroit]], 47 for Bishop [[Nikolai (Soraich) of Sitka]], 45 for Archbishop [[Dmitri (Royster) of Dallas]], 12 for Bishop [[Basil (Essey) of Wichita|Basil (Essey)]], 2 for Archbishop [[Kyrill (Yonchev) of Pittsburgh]], 3 for Bishop [[Tikhon (Fitzgerald) of San Francisco and Los Angeles|Tikhon (Fitzgerald) of San Francisco]], 1 for Bishop [[Nikon (Liolin) of Boston|Nikon]], 3 for Fr. [[Michael Dahulich]] , 2 for [[Philip (Saliba) of New York|Metropolitan Philip]], 2 for Fr. Eugene Tarris, 2 for [[Demetrios (Trakatellis) of America|Archbishop Demetrios]], 2 for Fr. Irinej Dobrijevich, 1 for Fr. Christopher Calin , 1 for Fr. Vladimir Wendling, 1 for Bishop Nicholas, 1 for Archimandrite [[Tikhon (Mollard) of Philadelphia|Tikhon]], 1 Hierodeacon Yakov, and 9 invalid ballots.

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